Embassy of Ukraine in London

Embassy of Ukraine in LondonUnited Kingdom is a strong bond of communication between Ukraine Government and United Kingdom.

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Consulate Appointment or Contact Embassy of Ukraine in London : Visit only by Appointment

For consular service, you must book an appointment, You are advised to book on normal working hours via making a phone call or email on [email protected]. Also for more details please check in first instance the consulate website for enquiries contact form . http://uk.mfa.gov.ua/en . .

Ukraine Consulates in United Kingdom may prioritize Appointment for Ukraine citizens or have dedicated support.

If unfortunately unable to get contact here, one should try to the Ukrainian Consulate in Edinburgh,
For your convenience here listed all other representatives of Ukraine located in United Kingdom.

Visa and Passports

If you would like to come to Ukraine, there's a lot of information about types of Visas. The tools help you to plan your journey to Ukraine.

The nationals of the countries that require a visa to enter ukraine must apply for any visa from the following types:

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease the Embassy of Ukraine in London could have adjusted its office hours or services. Please do confirm personally.

*Please help us to update with correct information for Embassy of Ukraine in London, if you find this information is not correct.

Peter John Romang

Hi I am a 72 year old with no military experience is there anything I can do to help in the war I would like to volunteer


For goodness sake, to all western governments, give as much material of all kinds to Ukraine as you can (but not nukes), so the Ukrainians can finish this war as quickly as possible, thus saving as far as we can, further unnecessary bloodshed and destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure. Trying appeasement or being 'gentle' with the current kremlin government is completely pointless - they (putin) only understands one thing, and that is brute force. So we need to use ALL our brute force to get ALL invaders out of ALL of Ukraine.

Ivan Omel'yanenko

My passport been stolen in Hackney London.What should I do?Slave Ukraine!!!!!

Ivan Omel'yanenko

My passport was stolen in Hackney London.What should I do.Slave Ukraine!!

Kev Donnachie

I wish to join the Ukraine Army. Ex British Armed Forces of 16 years. Specialist medic and anti tank specialist,


dear sir i am x uk special forces and would like to help with the war i am a sniper with over14 years in the theater and ready to go when you need me to i have seen enough to know that the fight is worth fighting please let me know if you wont my help !

Joshua T. Cohen

Please provide Ukraine with more HIMARS launch vehicles and longer-range missiles. Also M-1A1 tanks.


Being kind is not easy.


Apologies for putting a capital R on russia.. Their website claims they are defending the russian language, let me employ my own language to offend, by ensuring that spelling autocorrect defaults to a small r for a mindless, shameless regime.

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