Eligible Countries for Ukraine Visa | Apply for e Visa Ukraine | Everything you need to Know

Traveling is one of the most enjoyed pleasures by all, and the number of places that we can visit is infinite, but we must take into account that to enter some countries, it is important that we start a little investigation about everything we need to be able to enter.

Today we will talk about what you should know if one of your favorite destinations to travel is Ukraine, and what you should do if your country is not included in the list of exceptions and you have to apply for a visa.

But, if you are not looking to go to Ukraine as a tourist, we will also guide you on what you should do to enter the country.

What is an Ukraine eVisa?

The Ukrainian eVisa is a procedure through which the visa application can be made online. This process simplifies the visa application for many people who require it since it gives them the opportunity to enter the system from any computer with an internet connection.

This step can be done from the community of your home and anywhere in the world. The eVisa will be granted through your email, and you will be able to follow all the steps indicated there in order to complete the process and present the visa upon arrival in the country.

In summary, an eVisa is an online visa application, and through this modality, you will be able to process each of the regular and necessary steps that must be fulfilled to obtain it.

Single entry eVisa
Permits a stay of 30 days in Ukraine
Valid for 30 days from the date of arrival
Allows travel for business, tourism, and medical treatment , among other purposes

Ukraine eVisa Country List:

Is it necessary to apply for a eVisa to enter Ukraine?

There are hundreds of countries that have established the presence of a visa as a special requirement to be able to enter legally, this is one of the fundamental requirements to stay within the country, so it is necessary to comply with this step.

In the case of Ukraine, it is no different, and if you come from some regions, it is important that you make this request in advance, in this way your travel experience will be safe and comfortable.

Usually, to enter Ukraine it is necessary to make a visa application and have it approved, in this way you will have met the formal and legal requirements to be able to access the country.

There are some cases in which it is not necessary to apply for an electronic visa to be able to enjoy a stay (short or long) within Ukraine since there are regions that are exempt from the presentation of this requirement at the Ukrainian border.

Find below more information about Ukraine e Visa for eligible nationality:

Eligible Countries for Ukraine e Visa

Requirements to apply for Ukraine eVisa

These are, in general, the requirements that are required to be loaded into the system to complete the application for a eVisa for Ukraine (any extra requirements will be subject to special situations):

  • Scanned passport.
  • A passport photo, under ideal conditions.
  • Email active and available.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Proof of sufficient funds for your stay.
  • Ticket certifying departure from the country (during the required time).
  • Have any payment method required by the page.

Depending on the type of visa to apply, they must also state:

  • A document that validates that the visa application will be made for tourism.
  • If a business visa is required, you will need to consign the invitation letter from the Ukrainian entity that requires the presence of the foreign citizen. This letter must have all the information of the company, including the corresponding Unified State Registry of Legal Entities.
  • You also have to submit a record confirming the foreign investment, that is, the relationship between the company abroad and the one in Ukraine.
  • Invitation from a State entity, or any organization in Ukraine.

Are there several types of visas in Ukraine?

Yes, there are three types of Visa in Ukraine:

    - Type C.

    - Type D.

    - Type B.

Type C visa in Ukraine

This visa includes those that have a short-stay purpose, and can be divided into other types:

  • Tourist Visa: It is the one that is requested for those who travel to Ukraine for tourist purposes.
  • Business Visa: This visa is special for those who must stay in Ukraine due to their work.
  • Visitor visa: It must be requested by those who need to enter the country to make private visits to friends or family.
  • Visa for medical treatment: It is requested for people who require medical treatment in a medical center in the country.
  • Media visa: Special for those journalists who have to stay in the country for their work.

By obtaining a visa of this type you can stay in the country for 90 days for 6 months and you can enter the country one or more times during that period.

Type D visa in Ukraine

These visas include those of long duration and are requested for reasons of temporary or permanent stay within the country. There are three types of visas that are derived from this:

  • Working: This visa is special for those foreigners who got a job in the country and also obtained a work permit that validates this.
  • Study: Applies to those foreign citizens who have entered a higher education institution within the country.
  • Family: It is a request that can be made by foreigners who have a Ukrainian relative, or those relatives of legal residents.

This long-term visa has a duration of 90 days and you can against multiple entries, but, to stay in the country more than the 90 days granted by the visa, foreign citizens need to obtain a special permit upon arrival.

Type B visa in Ukraine

This type of transit visa is special for those who need to pass through the country while going to another.

The characteristics of this visa are:

    - Single entry of 5 days up to 1 year.

    - Multiple entries, without each one exceeding 5 days.

At what point should I make my eVisa application for Ukraine?

Ideally, this type of procedure should be carried out between 10 to 30 days before making the trip.

Special considerations for applying for a Ukrainian visa

There are some considerations that must be taken into account to complete the application for a visa to enter Ukraine, these are the most significant:

  • Although the visa requested through regular means has certain conditions, the eVisa has characteristics such as: being a single entry and its validity is 30 days from arrival.
  • Your passport must have a minimum validity date of at least 6 months, counting from the date of your arrival in the country.
  • If you are a minor and want to apply for a Ukrainian eVisa, this application must be made by one of your parents or failing that, one of your legal guardians. It is important that the two applications are processed together, that of the minor and that of the guardian or parent.
  • The government requires proof of accommodation, the dates of which coincide with those of the trip.
  • The eVisa can be presented to enter through any of the borders.
  • You must keep a copy of your visa, and these documents must be presented upon entering and leaving the country.

How long does it take for the response to the eVisa application to travel to Ukraine?

The times vary according to the type of visa that is requested. The eVisa available is type C.

  • Tourist visas can take from 15 to 19 days.
  • Business visas can take 15 to 19 days as well.

Are the fees the same for all visas?

The fees vary according to the request made by foreign citizens. In some cases, there are those who request the express service, which costs more than the standard requests. Also, the Ukraine visa fee may vary depending on the region from which the request is being made.

What are the benefits of applying for an eVisa?

  • The request is made directly to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • You can have an online follow-up of the status of the application.
  • It is a more comfortable process, since from anywhere with an internet connection you can send the application, and you can also receive the visa and print it, without having to go personally to any consulate.
  • Any questions you have regarding this procedure can be consulted through an email address available to attend to any user [email protected].
  • Since 2020 the government of Ukraine has faster options to process the request, where there is a standard model that requires 3 business days, and a fast mode that takes 1 business day to process.

Exempt Countries for Ukrainian e Visa:

As mentioned above, there are some regions and countries where their citizens do not have the need to make an online application to obtain a visa, simply with their passport they can enter and make their stay in a defined or indefinite way.

There are some countries that are exempt from presenting a visa to the Ukrainian authorities to enter the country, even their citizens can enter Ukraine without a visa, and they can have an indefinite stay.

The exceptions applied for these countries:

  • - If you come from Georgia you can enter only with your identification.
  • - Citizens from Uzbekistan and Moldova need to verify that their financial resources are sufficient to support themselves for the duration of their stay.

Citizens of another group of countries can enter Ukraine without a visa, but their stay cannot exceed 90 days, this in a period of 6 months.

The exceptions that apply for some of these countries are:

  • - Countries that can stay 90 days in a 365-day period: Argentina.
  • - Countries that can be 30 days in a 60-day period: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Serbia.
  • - These countries can stay up to 14 days: Hong Kong and North Macedonia.

Apply Ukraine Visa with Embassy or Consular

The eVisa has been presented as an effective solution for many people who have the need to carry out this procedure and their busy schedules do not allow them to approach an embassy or consulate to initiate it.

Applying for the eVisa allows you to skip any paperwork that you have to carry out in person in the authorized entities for this purpose, but this visa is not for all cases, since the eVisa applies only to those who wish to obtain a visa from the comfort of their home. tourist or may require a business visa.

There are different types of visa (tourist, long-term and transit), and previously all were requested through the embassy.

Currently the eVisa has allowed applicants for a tourist visa to carry out this process through the internet.

The visas that still need to be applied for at the embassy are:

  • Long-term visa: This was created especially for those foreigners who come to the country with the intention of staying in it for a season or staying permanently. Some of the long-term visas include study, work and family visas.
  • Transit visa: Which is a permit to pass through the country.

What is a Ukraine transit visa?

One of the types of visa that exists to be able to enter Ukrainian territory is the transit visa, and this is a little different from the visas that we already know, because the intention of the applicant is not to stay in the country for a long time, not even one week.

The transit visa is requested in those cases in which a foreigner is obliged to enter Ukraine while going to a third country.

Its main characteristic is to be a single or multiple entry visa, this means that it is only valid to pass a single or several times to Ukrainian soil, and it is valid for 5 days from when you enter Ukraine. It is very common among travelers who must make a stopover in this country.

Ukraine Visa On Arrival:

Surely this term is new for many people who need to make a visa application to enter Ukraine, however, it is important that we fully inform ourselves before planning our trip to this country.

A Ukraine visa On Arrival visa is simply an authorization that is necessary to arrive in the country, it can be considered a very short-term type of visa, as it is ideal for those who only need to be in the country for a few days.

The particularity of this visa is that your application can be processed once you arrive in Ukraine, that is, it is not requested at the embassy from the country of origin.

But to apply for this visa, certain considerations must be taken into account:

  • Present a document that validates that it is a tourist visit.
  • Have an invitation from a Ukrainian citizen.
  • Possess some proof that an investment is being made in a Ukrainian company.
  • The presentation of these documents is completely mandatory, and the lack of any of these could cause the suspension of the process.

However, this On Arrival visa is not available to anyone, but there is this possibility for citizens of a little more than 30 regions. This is a sufficient reason to validate if your country is among those authorized for the application.

Another of the special conditions to be able to apply for the On Arrival visa is related to the border that you will cross.

Not at all border points you can require a visa of this type. These are places you must go through in order to request your visa on arrival:

  • Kyiv International Airport.
  • Odessa International Airport.
  • Kyiv Boryspil Airport.

The validity of this visa is only 15 days.

What should I do to apply for an electronic visa to travel to Ukraine?

Normally, the regular visa application involves filling out an online form and printing a form to take to the embassy chosen for that purpose. However, in this case, we are talking about an eVisa for Ukraine, so the procedure varies a bit.

These are the steps to follow to apply for an eVisa for Ukraine:

  • Enter the website https://evisa.mfa.gov.ua/, the official platform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
  • Once on the site, registration must be completed.
  • Then you must enter the option where the forms are located.
  • Fill out the corresponding form, and according to the type of visa you are about to request.
  • Load the requested requirements into the system.
  • Make the corresponding payment in relation to the rates provided.
  • Wait for the visa to be sent via email.
  • Print the visa to present it at the time you enter the country.

Tips for applying for eVisa for Ukraine

  • First, you have to validate the document date of the requirements.
  • Make sure you have complete the documents that will be requested.
  • Constantly check your email once your request is made.
  • If you are not completely sure how to apply, use the regular channels to clarify any doubts.

If all the aforementioned processes are fully complied with, the eVisa application and delivery process will be much simpler and faster, and there will be no complications surrounding the process itself.

Permits to reside in Ukraine

In Ukraine, as in many other countries, a residence permit is required so that any foreigner can reside in the country, either for a specified time or permanently.

A residence permit is a document that certifies a foreign citizen to remain legally within the Ukrainian territory. This document not only allows you to be in Ukraine, but also to enjoy most of the rights that any Ukrainian citizen possesses.

Temporary permits: They are those requested by people who need to stay in the country for more than 180 days, they are usually requested for the purpose of family reunification, work, that a spouse be a Ukrainian citizen, be a journalist for international media, work in international organizations or religious, among others.

Permanent permits: They are those requested with the intention of staying in the country and enjoying the benefits that Ukrainian citizens have.

There are certain conditions that apply to people who intend to apply for a residence permit in Ukraine, that is, not everyone has the right to make this request to the Ukrainian authorities.

These are the people who qualify to consider applying for a residence permit in Ukraine:

  • Scientists.
  • Investors who have injected more than $ 100,000 into the country's economy.
  • Specialists in some areas.
  • Cultural representatives.
  • Relatives of a Ukrainian citizen: Parents, siblings, grandparents, children, spouses, grandchildren, former citizens of Ukraine.
  • If a person has already received his permanent residence permit, his minor children can also opt for it.
  • People who have had asylum in the country for more than 3 years.
  • Refugees.
  • Spouses who have been married to a Ukrainian citizen for more than 2 years.

Permanent residence permits in Ukraine have an unlimited validity, and people who acquire this right will be able to opt for jobs without the need to process a work permit, they will be in the country as an immigrant indefinitely.

After obtaining the right to permanent residence in Ukraine, these people will not have the need to apply for any type of visa to enter the country whenever they want, they will be enjoying a right that Ukrainian citizens have.

Are there reasons why a residence permit can be canceled?

Of course there are, and the law states that there are a few reasons why you can immediately cancel the request:

  • Upon receiving a cancellation request.
  • When the documents provided by the applicant are invalid or even false.
  • If a foreigner has a criminal commitment in the country.
  • The applicant is considered a threat to the country.
  • Other conditions established on the basis of Ukrainian laws.

Traveling to Ukraine ends up being a simple procedure due to the large number of ways to obtain a Visa, even while within the country. However, for your best satisfaction and a pleasant trip, we recommend that all your documents are up to date, in this way you can carry out the entire process quickly and without any inconvenience.